Trendy & Whimsical Sarong Wraps For Women

Renowned for its trendy versatility and made from the finest sheer fabrics available, our elegant sarong wraps add an element of grace and sophistication to every woman’s style. Our in-house designers have an eye for the latest fashions and feature several classy swimsuit sarongs designed for the everyday woman. We love eye-catching color and think you’ll love the silky smooth variety we have at LaTAN for a classy addition to any outfit this season.  

Our collection of the best sarongs come from internationally-inspired beauty. Our worldly patterns and popular colors seamlessly pair with our bikini tops and cover-ups and offer the best in lightweight comfort for all-day protection from the sun. With a ton of vibrant dresses and kimonos to choose from in our online shop, we make it easy to match your beautiful new sarong with any of our exotic selections for a completely reimagined style personalized to you. 

When you try on any of our lightweight, contour-enhancing sarongs, you’ll experience:

  • Lightweight Fabrics Keep You Cool
  • Elegant Protection From the Sun
  • Designed to Match a Variety of Outfits
  • Trending Designs for a Fresh Aesthetic
  • Handmade Stitching Designed to Last

Our ultra-light fabrics are smooth to the touch and are designed to keep you cool on hot days. Thanks to the versatility of sarongs, you can create a customized style that's all your own. Worn as a scarf, skirt, or draped gently along your shoulders, our sarong wraps are the ideal choice for ladies in search of a trendy, comfortable, and affordable fashion upgrade.

We Offer Sarongs In The Following Patterns:

  • Animal Print
  • Florals
  • & More

Designed and manufactured at our facility, all of the women’s sarongs you’ll find at LaTAN are produced with consideration for every exquisite detail. We have a passion for design elegance and employ a team of highly skilled seamstresses with years of experience handcrafting luxury sarongs.

Since we’re the exclusive designers and manufacturers, our cute sarongs are designed with every budget in mind. Our sarong wraps are made for the everyday woman, and our affordable designs make it easy to enjoy eye-catching catching styles with luxurious comfort.

A Sarong for Every Day of the Week

As the most versatile addition to any stylish collection, sarongs are perfect for casual or classy occasions. Our floral and animal prints elevate fashion at every level, and naturally complement a variety of outfits and accessories. We want you to look and feel your best, and our innovative pieces easily accompany trending styles no matter the season.

Since our designers focus on sarong color palettes that harmonize with a variety of selections, creating a customized look in our shop is easy. Since we feature slightly transparent sheer fabrics in our swimsuit sarongs, you can easily show off your beautiful new one-piece swimsuit next time you’re lounging poolside or cruising the beach.

For a more exotic appeal, our fine line of cheeky bikini bottoms naturally flows with any of our sexy swimsuit sarongs. With a ton of interesting color combinations, abstract designs, and various waist-height options to choose from, we think you’ll love the diverse selection of ultra-comfortable bikini options we have to offer.

Show Off Your Style With Our Designer Sarongs

As one of the most convenient summertime styles, grab your sarong for the beach, the boardwalk, and anywhere else you go! So much more than just a swimsuit sarong, these versatile fashion additions work as beautiful scarves, instant sun shawls, and sexy skirts that pair with whatever mood you’re in! Our sarong wraps are perfect for travel bags or purses and enhance your summertime adventures by:

  • Reducing your chemical sunscreen use
  • Preventing soggy outfits. Our sarong fabrics dry fast and prevent odors
  • Concealing stains, sand marks, and spills with beautiful patterns
  • Lasting longer. Our durable fabric selections stand the test of time with years of fashionable wearability the standard with every sexy sarong in our collection!
  • Washing with ease. Simply hand wash in cold water, hang dry, and you’re ready to hit the beach with a burst of color and breathable comfort!

Searching for other interesting ways to incorporate a sarong wrap into your summertime collection? Our creativity doesn’t stop at the beautiful sarongs we have to offer! Get in touch with our friendly fashion experts and experience a depth of trending beachside fashion. We’d love to help you consider interesting outfit ideas and can help you pair your favorite accessories with any of our newest styles. We never hesitate to advise if you’re looking for an innovative swimwear addition to pair with our light and airy sundresses, kimonos, or sarongs to match.

The Best Service & Sarongs for the Beach Only at LaTAN

Found a swimsuit sarong you love, but you’d like to feel the soft fabric or try the look with some of your favorite outfits first? Well, all of our best online designs include the fastest shipping and flexible returns without any hassle. We also have a variety of convenient locations in Florida if you’d like to explore the best of our collection in-person. Wherever you are and however we can simplify your shopping experience, reach out to us for directions, friendly online service, or get in touch for some fashion tips and elevate every upscale, casual, or sexy style you have in mind!

Shop Our Sexy Women’s Sarongs for the Best Deals Online 

Our fashion-forward designers are motivated to make beautiful designs affordable and accessible for every woman. We’re committed to our valued customers, and offer unparalleled customer service, and are always happy to help you discover the perfect style upgrade. 

If you have any questions about our sizes, styles, or if you’d like help creating a customized swimwear outfit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly design experts today. We’re excited to share our passion for fashion with you, and will do whatever it takes to help you discover a new style that will have you looking and feeling your best!