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Trendy & Unique Women’s Beach Cover Ups

cover upsEnjoy the ocean breeze with our lightweight line of beach cover-ups designed for the everyday woman. Dedicated to elevating designer beach fashion with our colorful and comfortable fabrics, our beautiful beach cover-ups are the perfect addition to your summer collection. With a ton of different styles and designs to choose from, our designer bathing suit cover-ups are ideal for poolside lounging, strolls along the beach, or casual afternoons. 

Our versatile bathing suit cover-ups easily complement any style you’re after. Many of our women’s beach cover-ups can be tied at the waist, over the shoulder, or paired with other cover-ups for a personalized look. With super-soft fabrics and form-fitting waistbands and straps, every bikini cover-up we offer is designed for all-day-long protection from the sun while looking and feeling your best.

We Sell The Following Bathing Suit Cover Ups:

  • Kimonos
  • Dresses
  • Sarongs
  • & More
  • Our Professional Designers Have a Passion for Bikini Cover Ups

    At LaTAN, we set ourselves apart from other online shops by managing every step of the design and production process. Every carefully crafted bathing suit cover-up comes straight from the minds of our brilliant design enthusiasts and features timeless style elements that maintain fashionable relevance for the seasons to come. 

    In our state-of-the-art design and production facility, all of our women’s beach cover-ups are handmade using the finest lightweight polyester. We have a skilled team of seamstresses dedicated to consistent quality and produce our lightweight kimonos, sarongs, and tunic dresses to last for years of comfortable beachside elegance. 

    Since we manage every step of the production process, our classy bathing suit cover-ups are an affordable way to upgrade your stylish wardrobe collection. LaTAN designer swimwear and beach cover-up dresses are designed for the everyday woman, so you can look and feel your best.

      With our ultra-fine lightweight polyester fabrics, you can enjoy long days of cool protection while lounging by the waves. With your new LaTAN look, you can move freely, and simply enjoy the breeze with fabrics that gently caress the skin.

      Our women’s beach cover-ups pair perfectly with our luxurious line of swimwear. Since all our Italian swimsuit fabrics feature +50 UPF sun protection and super soft, form-fitting designs, your beautiful skin is protected with all-day comfort in the sun. Along with the protective benefits featured in our luxurious Italian fabrics, all of the swimwear in our shop feature 100% chemical-free and skin-safe materials for honest swimwear designs you can trust in.

      With a ton of colorful swimsuit options and matching bathing suit cover-ups to choose from, it’s easy to create a cute combination for a renewed look that pops. We love vibrant colors and hope that you’ll have fun coming up with your own unique combinations when you pick and choose from any of our harmonizing options.

      Look & Feel Your Best In Our Designer Bathing Suit Cover Ups

      Whether you’re after sexy and classy with a full-length floral kimono, or you’re thinking cool and casual with a versatile designer sarong, we’re committed to fresh fashion that works with every style imaginable.

      With varying sheer varieties, you can pick and choose from a diverse degree of revealing characteristics. We have styles for women hoping for a more modest look, as well as design concepts that feature exotic and revealing styles. Since our bathing suit cover-ups pair perfectly with other outfits and accessories, our innovative beach cover-ups make it easy to create personalized summer collections.

      With the widest selection of beach cover-up sizes available online, LaTAN truly takes every woman’s unique shape and body type into consideration. Every woman deserves to look and feel their best, and our beach cover-ups make it easy to discover a refreshed style no matter your unique shape or contours.

      Learn More About Our Beach Cover Up Dresses & Kimonos

      Dedicated to becoming your trusted online shop for the latest in trending beach cover-up dresses, we’re committed to helpful guidance and responsive customer service. We want you to look and feel your best and are passionate about helping women find beach cover-up dresses that bring out the best in their natural beauty. 

      If you’re interested in a bikini cover-up or need help selecting the perfect size from our swimwear shop, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful team for more information. We’re constantly offering amazing discounts and exciting new designs in our online store, so be sure to check in regularly for the latest style and design updates! We’re passionate about our designs, and will do whatever it takes to help you look and feel your best today!